Hastings Opportunity Area Literacy Update – December 2020

Dec 14, 2020

We have now released funding for 20 schools across Hastings to deliver evidence-based literacy programmes. This builds on existing work by a number of Trusts who were already delivering evidence-based programmes prior to the HOA, and on the work of many Trusts and schools who have used HOA funding over the last two years to develop and begin to embed effective literacy programmes. 

Across Hastings schools, we are beginning to see the implementation of programmes at a scale which is creating ‘Hastings wide’ approaches to how literacy is taught across the town.

For example:

  • Daily Supported Reader/Destination Reader is being implemented across the 4 Diocese of Chichester Trust primary schools, 6 University of Brighton Trust primary schools (with links into the secondary schools) and will shortly be introduced into Torfield and Saxon Mount.
  • Accelerated Reader is currently being implemented within the UoBT secondary schools, in Ark Castledown, Ark Little Ridge, Ore Village Primary Academy and Saxon Mount (not funded by the HOA). This year it will also be introduced within all the UoBT primary schools and in Ark Alexandra.
  • We have funded and are continuing to fund ESCC Children’s Centres and Health Visiting Team to deliver a programme across Early Years settings and within school nurseries to improve the skills and confidence of staff to support children and parents with language delay, and are funding DCAT to develop and deliver a speech and language intervention programme for pupils in key stage 1.

We recently held a literacy seminar – over 60 participants attended from Hastings schools and East Sussex County Council to share the success of individual evidence-based literacy programmes being delivered in our schools in Hastings. We are planning to produce a literacy booklet to share further detail on the success of individual evidence-based literacy funded programmes and to hold a county wide literacy seminar after Easter.

HOA funding is still available for Hastings schools who would like to implement evidence-based literacy programmes and have not received funding for literacy this academic year. We are very keen to support schools in Hastings, please get in contact with Emile Tambeh for more information Emile.tambeh@eastsussex.gov.uk.

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