Support videos to help schools with staff wellbeing

Jan 20, 2021

In response to the challenging circumstances, we’ve partnered with Boingboing – experts in mental health – to create a selection of videos to help support staff and their wellbeing. 


This video outlines Boingboing’s Resilience approach and how it can be used in your school. 


This video examines how to plan resilient moves for staff wellbeing across the school. The Noble Truths are useful underlying themes which you can hold in mind when you begin mapping out what you would like to do to support staff wellbeing.


This video looks at how a sense of belonging can promote staff wellbeing in schools. There are many different ways we have seen schools ensure their staff feel a sense of belonging. This clip examines different ideas which could work in your community and how everyone has a part to play. 


This video looks at how schools can create time and space for staff to access and develop a range of coping skills when things get tough. 

Did you know that Boingboing are also offering free mental health training and support for schools? If you’re interested in booking a session, or want to find out more, just email 

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