Tip sheets to support children’s mental health

Jan 25, 2021

The Hastings Opportunity Area are working in partnership with Boingboing (CIC), to provide mental health and emotional wellbeing support for schools, families, children and young people. Boingboing are releasing a series of mental health and emotional wellbeing top tips, to support school staff and families during this challenging time.

We are very keen to ensure that these free resources reach as many people as possible, so please feel free to read and share. We will also be disseminating the mental health and emotional wellbeing tip sheets on social media and with our partners (including Open for Parents).

Tip Sheet 1 – Your child’s mental health

Tip Sheet 2 – Supporting your child with trauma

Tip Sheet 3 – School-based anxiety

Tip Sheet 4 – Supporting your child with anxiety

Tip Sheet 5 – Supporting your child with low mood

Tip Sheet 6 – Helping your child manage change

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