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Nov 12, 2021

On 4 November, the HOA held an event at the Sussex Coast College, Hastings, to celebrate our achievements since 2018.  At the event, the HOA launched a report, setting out what we have delivered and some of our achievements. This includes between 2018-20:

  • an Emotional well-being service was delivered across 12 schools in Hastings. Key workers supported 338 pupils with their emotional well-being in school within the first 2 years of the project. 82% of these reported a reduction in their anxiety
  • expanding the award winning i-Rock service, so that between 62 to 120 service users/young people were able to access service each month.
  • 2,445 parents accessed help with parenting; either advice or training
  • 17 schools engaged with Boingboing’s whole school approach training and 20 with the MHFA training course
  • 20 schools delivered evidence-based programmes to improve literacy;
  • 16 schools were involved in the Hastings Maths Programme, to embed mastery approaches to maths teaching across Hastings schools;
  • more than 450 enrichment programmes were delivered across Hastings schools, enabling thousands of children to access sports, creative, outdoor, science and IT and leadership activities and environmental projects
  • 26 community providers delivered 64 activities targeted at vulnerable children and young people such as sports, performing and creative arts, sports, cooking and outdoor activities: and
  • innovative ‘Opportunity Days’ were held for Year 10/11 to give them hands on experience of different jobs and careers and allowing them to meet relevant professionals.

The report also sets out progress we have seen in Hastings prior to Covid, particularly among disadvantaged pupils. For example, in 2019 (the last time that formal results were available due to Covid):

  • 4% of disadvantaged pupils reached the expected standard in reading in Hastings, above the national average of 62%;
  • 77.7% of all pupils at Key Stage 2 reached the expected standard in maths in Hastings, up from the previous year’s figure of 72.9%; and
  • improvements across secondary schools, whilst not at the same rate as those within primary schools were still significant

For a full copy of the report, please click on the link.

HOA Learning Report 09-11-21

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