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We were established to ensure that all children and young people in Hastings are equipped with the skills they need to achieve their potential and be successful in their lives.

Our aim is to provide children with a good understanding of literacy and numeracy, which we see as the building blocks of learning. We are working closely with all schools in Hastings to embed ‘evidence-based’ practises, so that we can help children to establish this foundation.

Alongside this, we continue to strive to deliver a diverse, enrichment programme that enables children to develop life-skills such as resilience, confidence, perseverance, self-control and social skills. Opportunities to develop these skills and expand on their experiences are vital – whether that’s participating in sport, playing in a band, joining a club, volunteering or experiencing the world of work.

This year has required us to adapt to the challenges that unfolded during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Primarily, to ensure that schools could welcome back their pupils and continue to nurture their capability to learn and address any issues with their mental wellbeing.

We continue to be really encouraged with the progress that is being made in Hastings. We need everyone in Hastings – families, communities, employers, the public sector, schools and colleges, charities and more – to work together and support our children and young people to succeed and thrive.

“Our ambition is that all children and young people in Hastings have the key foundations in literacy and maths to be successful and that teachers and academics visit Hastings to observe the excellent teaching practice in these subjects. Also, that mental health and resilience are talked about openly and everyone can access support if they need it, so that children and young people have the wider life skills that are essential for future study and employment”.


Richard Meddings, Chair of the Hastings Opportunity Area Board

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