The HOA Board recently agreed funding of £220k for recovery funding for Academy Trusts and schools to deliver recovery programmes to support pupils who have experienced significant learning loss or who will struggle to engage with schools, due to Covid19.   The HOA has recently received proposals from Trusts and schools for this funding, and we have been really impressed by the quality of proposals. We are looking forward to working with Trusts and schools as they begin to implement their programmes from November onwards.  This funding is in addition to the Government funded support available to all schools. 

The HOA recovery funding will be focused especially on those pupils who have been assessed by school as needing additional support in respect of literacy, maths or at KS4 other curriculum subjects or who require additional support around their emotional well-being in order to access learning and engage positively with school.

Our priority is to work with Trusts and schools to provide:

• high quality small group and one to one learning programmes around literacy, maths and at   KS4 other core curriculum areas to enable pupils to make accelerated progress and

• programmes to support vulnerable pupils re-engage with school and with learning.

The HOA team will be working with Trusts and schools, to review learning from the programmes and ensure that this is shared effectively with other Trusts, schools and agencies across Hastings and East Sussex, so as to maximise impact. 

We are aiming to hold an event in February, where we will be providing an opportunity for schools to inform each other about what they are delivering and to learn from each other about what is working across different settings so as to enable children to engage with learning and make accelerated progress after the learning loss they have experienced as a result of Covid.