What are the challenges around Maths in Hastings?

Good numeracy skills are essential in the workplace and day to day life, with clear evidence demonstrating that adults with basic numeracy skills earn higher wages and are more likely to be employed than adults who lack these.

The increasing importance and sophistication of technology in the workplace, particularly in Hastings’ growing engineering and technology sectors, means demand for those with maths skills continues to rise locally.

However, achievement in Maths is low across all key stages in Hastings. In 2016:

  • 59% of Key Stage 2 leavers achieved the expected standard compared with 70% nationally
  • 48% of disadvantaged primary pupils achieved the expected standard
  • Disadvantaged pupils do not make sufficient progress between Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • Disadvantaged pupils are more than half a GCSE grade lower than their peers nationwide
  • Pupils made less progress in Maths than their peers nationally at all four mainstream secondary schools in Hastings.

One of our key priorities is making sure that young people across Hastings have the essential foundations in mathematics to access this exciting and changing world.