Teaching maths for Mastery

Our aim is for Hastings to be a centre of excellence for teaching Maths, and for pupils to achieve Maths results that place them in the top half of the country at all key stages.

Teaching ‘Maths for mastery’ is an approach which stems from high performing Asian nations such as Singapore. Fewer topics are covered in greater depth, emphasising problem solving and mathematical thinking, an approach that has been shown to successfully improve pupil attainment.

We are supporting teachers in Hastings to become expert at teaching ‘Maths for mastery’.

Eleven schools across Hastings are taking part in an intensive programme to improve how Maths is taught, the ‘Mathematics mastery’ programme. The programme involves Maths leaders and teachers in each participating school receiving In depth training and development sessions, in school weekly training and coaching and a curriculum map/programme of study to support teachers in structuring how maths should be taught for maximum learning impact.

Workshops are also delivered to parents, as part of the programme, so that they can improve their own Maths and help guide their child’s learning.  Further funding has been agreed for the programme to be continued next year, and for it to include support for the delivery of Maths teaching for pupils re-sitting GCSE maths at East Sussex Coast College, Hastings.