Supporting schools and colleges to take a ‘whole school’ approach to promoting mental health

Improving children and young people’s mental health has been identified by all those involved in developing our delivery plan as a key priority for Hastings. Schools and colleges play a central role in children and young people’s lives and so it is vitally important that they have access to training and support to enable their staff to develop their skills, confidence and their own resilience, so that they can in turn support the children and young people that they work with.

Many institutions in Hastings are already working hard to support their children and young people’s mental health and emotional well-being, alongside delivering parenting support for parents and carers. We want to be able to build on this work, to understand what schools are already doing well and to share with other schools and colleges, alongside providing additional training and support in those areas where schools might be struggling.

That is why we have been working with schools and Sussex Coast College to support them to carry out a self-assessment of their ‘whole school approach’ to promoting children and young people’s mental health.  Our aim is to work with the schools and college, to review from these those areas where they would find additional training and support helpful, to put in place a programme of support to address these in the New Year.