Improving children and young people’s mental health was identified by all those involved in developing our delivery plan as a key priority for Hastings. Schools and colleges play a central role in children and young people’s lives and so it is vitally important that they have access to training and support to enable their staff to develop their skills, confidence and their own resilience, so that they can in turn support the children and young people that they work with.

We have provided additional support to schools, so that they can review how well their school is promoting their pupils’ mental health and emotional well-being and develop a plan for how they can improve this. We have reviewed, with schools, the results from this work and are now putting in place a programme of training and support for schools across Hastings. This will include:

Mental Health First Aid Training for Schools

A free 2-day course for staff in schools that enables them to spot the signs of emerging mental health problems in their pupils and gives them greater confidence in meeting the needs of pupils living with mental health issues. We will fund 4 members of staff from each school to attend
the training.

Supporting a ‘Whole School’ Approach

The HOA is funding ‘Boingboing Resilience CIC’, an organisation with expertise in supporting schools to develop their work to promote children’s mental health and emotional well-being, to provide an additional 2 days bespoke training and support for each school (depending on the priorities that schools themselves have identified). This could include a half-day seminar for all staff to review their whole school approach to promoting children’s mental health and what additional support they need, so that staff feel confident in implementing this; additional training around specific mental health or emotional well-being issues or support to develop and deliver excellent sessions for children and young people or parents.

Training for Primary School Staff

We have also funded ‘Boingboing’, to develop and deliver training in promoting children’s mental health and emotional well-being in every Hastings primary school who would find this helpful. This will, again, be based on the needs of each school, but could include training for all staff within the school.

If you are a school wishing to access these free services there is more information here.