Improving children and young people’s mental health was identified by all those involved in developing our delivery plan as a key priority for Hastings. Schools and colleges play a central role in children and young people’s lives and so it is vitally important that they have access to training and support to enable their staff to develop their skills, confidence and their own resilience, so that they can in turn support the children and young people that they work with.

We have provided additional support to schools, so that they can review how well their school is promoting their pupils’ mental health and emotional well-being and develop a plan for how they can improve this. We have reviewed, with schools, the results from this work and are now putting in place a programme of training and support for schools across Hastings.

Free Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Training and Support for Hastings Schools

The HOA is funding ‘Boingboing Resilience CIC’, an organisation with expertise in supporting schools to develop their work to promote children’s mental health and emotional well-being, to provide; Free support for your school to further implement whole school approaches to supporting children and young people’s emotional well-being, alongside support to implement personal, social and health education for primary and secondary schools. A package of support including face to face, phone or virtual consultation can be designed to suit your availability and needs.

Hastings schools can book 1 hour live digital training slots either as 1:1’s or as small group work. Packages can include:

  • Whole School Approach consultation (Covid focus)
  • Pupil or parent voice audits 
  • Using the East Sussex mental health guide training
  • Teaching RSHE with confidence and much more
  • MHEW Primary school training bespoke or general

A training and resource guide has been produced for school leaders setting out the FREE Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Training and Support on offer between now and the end of the Summer term for school leaders and staff in Hastings and St Leonards.

The guide includes Free resources that have been created by Boingboing for use across Hastings schools. Links to the guidance and the individual resource booklets and PDF sheets detailed in the guidance can be found on here.

Free Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Training and Support for Hastings Schools – Hastings Opportunity Area

Please contact for further information on any or all of the free offers for Hastings schools.