The Hastings Opportunity Area are pleased to remind all schools in Hastings and St Leonards that Boingboing CIC are continue to provide a range of free mental health and emotional wellbeing support and resources from September 2020.

These include:

  • PSHE Support for Primary & Secondary
  • Primary and Secondary School Support MHEW Whole School Approach & Training
  • Training (Staff Wellbeing / Parental Care / COVID 19 / Senior Leaders / Pupils)
  • Bespoke Training Day for Primary Schools
  • Twilight Training Sessions
  • Returning to school after COVID resource sheets

More information on each of the free resources can be found below, and for further enquiries and bookings please contact Anne Rathbone from Boingboing here.

PSHE Support for Primary and for Secondary

Boingboing will continue to offer PSHE support to all Hastings schools as and when they request, currently online and by phone. They can work with schools to develop lessons for in school use and for children at home or to signpost to excellent resources online. Face to face support including co-teaching will restart from September 2020. Schools engaging so far have found it useful for Boingboing to collect their pupil voice about the new RSHE curriculum, have had focused help for their PSHE leads to be statutory ready and have invested in their teachers and TAs through Boingboing’s co-teaching offer.

Primary and Secondary School Support MHEW Whole School Approach 

Boingboing will also continue to offer Hastings and St Leonards schools 2 days free, bespoke, mental health and emotional wellbeing consultancy to support whole school approaches to MHEW. They will be able to help your school prepare for issues which might arise around transition, bereavement, family conflict and anxiety when pupils return.

Your Schools Training Offer Can also Include

  • Training options with Boingboing to promote whole school MHEW (online initially) for your school, can also include training sessions on the following:
  • Staff Wellbeing – In the light of COVID – 19 – Practical evidence-based strategies that schools can implement with all staff and staff can use to support themselves and each other through the challenges ahead.
  • Parental/carer Engagement – Practical strategies for promoting parent/carer engagement to support resilience in families to promote attendance and enhance learning.
  • Promoting Mental Health and Emotional Resilience in the aftermath of Covid -19. Training for all staff to develop an understanding of the resilience research evidence to mitigate the impact of COVID – 19 in school.
  • Whole School Strategies for positive Mental Health and Emotional Resilience – for senior leaders and governors.
  • Working with Pupils to help them promote Mental Health and Emotional Resilience ideas and strategies to enable pupils to lead MHEW initiatives in school.

Bespoke MHEW 1 Day Training Session for Primary Schools.

From September, Boingboing can work with your primary school to offer a day’s free training, delivered in school, to the whole staff team if required. Training will be based around a mental health need that your school have identified you would like further training on.

Please contact if you are interested in any of the above offers.

Twilight Training Sessions 

From September Boingboing are able to offer free spaces to Hastings and St Leonards primary and secondary schools to join their one off Twilight courses which all take place online. The training is open to all Hastings schools and will run through September and October. The training will be provided on Microsoft Teams. For further information and booking please go to where you will find a section for Hastings Primary Twilight Sessions. 

They will include sessions on the following:

  • Promoting staff resilience
  • Understanding school refusal and anxiety
  • Understanding trauma Pt 1 and Pt 2
  • Supporting parents and children through transition
  • Supporting children to manage difficult emotions and responding to self-harm (cutting, eating, biting, hair pulling etc)
  • Domestic violence and resilience
  • Supporting marginalised parents

Free Return to School Resource Sheet 

During the Covid-19 period Boingboing have continued to work with some of our Hastings schools with what they have suggested they will need. You can find the Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing return to school resource sheet here.

Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health

In addition to developing a school’s guide for supporting children and young people’s mental health, Boingboing have put together a supplementary Covid-19 guide. This is in recognition that the pandemic has brought additional challenges regarding emotional wellbeing and mental health. The aim of the guide is to support schools to respond resiliently and support the mental health and wellbeing of everyone at a time when it is more important than ever that we take a whole school approach. This involves saturating the environment with resilience building opportunities and involving everyone in the process of rebuilding our education. One of the main tools 

that accompanies Boingboing’s approach to supporting schools develop a whole school approach is their Resilience Framework. The guide suggests additional considerations when using the Resilience Framework at this challenging time. Download your free copy of the guide here. 

Find our more about Boingboing here