Broadening horizions

Broadening horizons

Priority year 5


  • Improve social mobility for disadvantaged children and young people in Hastings
  • Enable disadvantaged children and young people to access quality enrichment and work-related opportunities
  • Promote sustainability of programmes of enrichment activities operating across schools/community groups for vulnerable children and young people in Hastings
  • Share learning across ESCC, particularly those areas of high deprivation.


Year five work will focus on securing the gains made over the previous 4 years, embedding existing work and encouraging more collaborative working.

The Broadening Horizons strand will allocate funding to support school enrichment, community enrichment and the aspirational ‘free offer’.

School and Community Enrichment 2021-22

We have made funding available for schools and community providers to develop and deliver enrichment programmes that build on previous work and have clear sustainability beyond the life of the HOA.  This programme is focused particularly on those children and young people who will have experienced a loss of learning and a lack of engagement in enrichment activities because of Covid-19.

The ‘Free Offer’

We will continue to provide motivational speakers and Athlete mentors for schools on request. We are also looking to run the extremely popular and much acclaimed Hastings Opps Careers focussed Opportunity  Day. We will again be working closely with our colleagues at CEC and in the East Sussex Careers Hub and local businesses and employees.

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