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Priority year 5

In Year 5 of the Hastings Opportunity Area (HOA) programme we will continue to focus on literacy and maths as a core priority. Our aims this year are to:

  • Improve outcomes in literacy and Maths across Hastings Primary and secondary schools
  • Focus on closing the attainment gap, in literacy and Maths for disadvantaged pupils
  • Promote sustainability, the embedding of effective practice and a culture of collaboration across Hastings schools post HOA funding.


  • To ensure that existing literacy and maths programmes, being implemented across Hastings schools and that are demonstrating positive impact, can be effectively sustained post HOA
  • To build on existing models of practice development and shared learning across schools and sustainable ways of delivery so that the ‘habit of collaboration’ and promoting effective practice is maintained post HOA.



We have set up a Grants scheme to fund new or existing programmes in literacy where projects are able to demonstrate effectiveness or are at early stage in their implementation. Funding has been allocated to schools and trusts to deliver reading interventions. These interventions are Destination Reader, Daily Supported Reader, Accelerated Reader and a speech and language project. All schools in Hastings are now using an evidence-based literacy programme.

This year we will be implementing a programme of shared learning through the Literacy Forum,  aimed at school literacy leads. This will promote further embedding of programmes and sharing of practice across schools (culture of collaboration), working with the 3 secondary schools in Hastings and the Area 3 area of East Sussex.


Our aim is to bring together existing programmes and schools who were previously engaged in the Hastings Maths Project and Sussex Maths Hub (both funded in HOA year 4) into a new, sustainable model of practice development, supported by HOA. We have made funding available for schools involved in either the Hastings Maths Project or the Sussex Maths Hub in the past four years to continue to deliver a programme of Maths mastery in the academic year 2021/2022. Schools have been given autonomy in how the funding is used from one or a combination of the following options:

  • purchase manipulatives to help pupils understanding and development in mathematics
  • SLEs Support – buy in mathematics Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) support to support schools and help with the development of action plans, training and coaching of staff
  • Maths Licence packages- Continue to purchase subscription to a Maths Mastery licence package, this could be Maths No Problem, White rose, Power Maths, ARK Mathematics Mastery or similar.

17 primary schools in Hastings will continue with Maths Mastery Support.


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