Broadening horizions

Mental health

Priority year 5


  • To improve emotional well-being of children and young people in Hastings
  • To Improve skills and confidence of staff in schools to support children and young people with emerging emotional well-being issues.


  • To deliver an effective emotional well-being support for children and young people in schools, to help address increased mental health need as a result of Covid
  • To ensure that Hastings’ schools access high quality training and support, available through ESCC and DfE to promote development of skills and confidence in relation to addressing emotional well-being issues
  • Ensuring smooth transition between HOA-funded support and nationally funded NHSE/DfE support via mental health support teams.


We are continuing to fund the emotional well-being key work service in 11 schools across Hastings, providing early intervention support to children and young people in schools with the most need.  We are working with ESCC/SHPT to ensure effective transition between the emotional well being key work service and the Mental Health Support Team in Hastings/East Rother. We are also working closely with ESCC mental health colleagues to ensure coherent mental health training and support offer is available to all schools.



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