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Priority year 5

The aim is to improve quality of transition for Hastings’ pupils so that pupils can succeed at Key Stage 3.


  • Pilot cross-curriculum approaches to teaching and learning across year 6-7, to deliver a more streamlined transition for pupils and support pupil’s continued progress during year 7
  • Improve information sharing and its effective use between primary and secondary schools, in respect of year 6-7 pupils, so that secondary schools can better plan for and address pupil’s strengths, interests and needs and support their continued progression during year 7
  • Build a best practice model for supporting transition that can be shared widely and that can be sustained post HOA.


A steering group has been established to oversee work in this priority area. Funding has been provided for schools and trusts to deliver transition projects for KS2 to KS3. To assist in information sharing, a common transfer document  is being produced to encourage a smooth transition from primary to secondary phase in our schools. We are also looking to create a pupils passport which students will take with them as they move up to secondary schools to share information about themselves with their teachers.


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