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Improving mental health and resilience

Priority year 4

Our priority in year 4 is to continue to support children and young people in Hastings who are experiencing emerging mental health needs. This year, we are continuing to fund a programme to provide training and support for staff in schools, to improve their confidence and knowledge in promoting children and young people’s emotional well-being.

We are providing a well-being key work service to 10 schools in Hastings to offer additional support to those pupils who need it most. We are also funding additional counselling support in Hastings secondary schools, to support pupils who may require additional mental health support.

We know that this work is having a positive impact, with over 80% of children who have received additional support from the emotional well-being key work service, reporting that they feel less anxious.


Projects funded in Year 4

  • Key Work Support – we are providing 10 schools with the greatest need, with an ’emotional well-being key work service’. Key workers are providing one to one, short term interventions with individual children and group work interventions;

  • Whole school training – we have funded Boingboing, experts in mental health resilience, to deliver resources and training to schools and parents.

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