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Priority year 4

The inclusion strand for year 4 aims to further embed and build on work we have funded within the 3 Hastings mainstream secondary schools over the last 2 years.

In addition, we will seek to further promote effective and inclusive practice and shared working, across a wider number of secondary schools (those outside of Hastings, that accept pupils living in Hastings) to significantly reduce fixed-term and permanent exclusions.


Projects funded in Year 4

  • St Leonards Academy project is aiming to build on the successful inclusion programme that they delivered last year, which focused on the establishment of its Education Training Centre. The centre enabled students who had disengaged with education, to retrain and gain the skills and confidence to enter mainstream education again;
  • Ark Alexandra aim to support a cohort of KS3 and KS4 pupils in a specially-built unit, where they will access a mixture of formal learning and small group intensive support, for pupils who may be at risk of permanent exclusion;
  • Hastings Academy will build on the programme they developed last year for year 9 pupils, to provide extra support for 30, year 8 pupils, who are most at risk of disengagement or exclusion and in need of additional support to engage with mainstream lessons;
  • As part of our work on inclusion this year, we are extending funding to secondary schools outside of Hastings (Robertsbridge, Claverham, Rye College, St Richards and Bexhill College) to engage in a pro-active programme of work to reduce exclusions;
  • We are also supporting the employment of an Exclusion Prevention Coordinator, to work with these secondary schools to promote effective, inclusive practice to reduce exclusions.

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