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Raising attainment in maths

Priority year 4

One of our key priorities in Year 4, is to continue to strive for Hastings to be a centre of excellence for teaching Maths. We want pupils at KS2 and KS4 to achieve Maths results that place them in the top half of the country and disadvantaged pupils to make greater progress than disadvantaged children nationally.

We will continue to support 22 schools in Hastings in their delivery of ‘Maths Mastery’ approaches to maths teaching. This is an approach that has been shown to successfully improve pupil attainment. Our aim is to fully embed it, so it can be sustained following the end of our funding. If a child can master maths, it means they will acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.


Projects funded in Year 4

  • The Hastings Maths Project – we are working with 16 schools across Hastings to raise attainment in Maths at KS2 and KS3 through a ‘Maths Mastery’ approach to learning;
  • Sussex Maths Hub – we are funding this initiative to provide 5 schools in Hastings, who are not taking part in ‘The Hastings Maths Project’, with additional support to implement the mastery approaches to teaching maths.

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