Recovery of learning


Priority year 4

A core challenge in Year 4 is for all Hastings schools to focus on rekindling children’s love of learning and building their confidence to reengage with school-based learning. Some children, especially those who have been in school during the lockdown period, may have had positive learning experiences during this period but others, particularly vulnerable pupils, will have experienced significant learning loss and/or emotional distress.

We are therefore working with Trusts and schools, to enable them to deliver high quality, learning programmes to support those children who may require additional support.  Schools are implementing programmes that address the needs of their pupils. These range from one to one, or small group sessions, around literacy and maths, and at KS4 in other core curriculum areas through to school wide literacy programmes for those pupils who require additional support.

Alongside this, we are funding programmes to support vulnerable pupils re-engage with school. We will be supporting schools to share learning from across the different approaches they are implementing, such as additional enrichment activities and tutorials as well as small group and one to one ‘catch up’ sessions.

By the end of Year 4, we hope to report accelerated progress and improved wellbeing amongst all pupils.


Projects funded in Year 4

  • Ark schools are employing a Graduate Teaching Assistant in each school (we have funded 2 of these) to provide small group catch-up work for students who have fallen behind over lockdown;
  • Sandown Primary school are extending their school day to provide extra catch-up sessions for children focusing on maths, literacy, transition and anxiety issues;
  • The Diocese of Chichester multi-agency trust schools; All Saints, St Leonards CE Primary School, Christ Church and St Pauls Primary Academy, will be able to access a counsellor for one day a week to support children with emerging mental health needs;
  • Sacred Heart will be running forest schools for year 3 and 6 children to support attendance and promote their emotional well-being and self-confidence;
  • Torfield and Saxon Mount, are supporting students who have fallen behind, through catch-up lessons in small groups or one to one tuition;
  • Ore Village Primary (TKAT) are focusing on KS2 pupils, in years 5 and 6, who are behind in maths and literacy through a programme of one to one sessions;
  • St Marys are implementing a series of reading interventions through one to one and small group learning.

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