Broadening horizions

Broadening horizons and preparing for work

Priority years 1-3

In 2016/2017, Hastings Opportunity Area ran a series of consultations across the town to establish the key contributors to low educational outcomes and academic underperformance in the town. The findings were:

  • Lack of aspiration
  • Poor awareness of employability skills or purpose to their education
  • Little understanding of the world of work
  • Limited experience and engagement beyond the home and the classroom.

We knew that too many disadvantaged children in our area were not being offered the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities, and that much work needed to be done to boost the confidence and raise the aspirations of disadvantaged children and young people in our town.

The HOA funded two enrichment coordinators to lead a programme which included:

  • Establishing the Hastings Young Ambassadors’ Programme
  • Supporting schools to deliver programmes of enrichment for all pupils, particularly focussed on disadvantaged pupils
  • Supporting community organisations across Hastings to deliver enrichment and positive activities for children and young people in the most deprived areas of Hastings
  • Delivering a programme of aspirational activities in schools enabling children and young people to develop school-belief, broaden their horizons and engage in cultural and work-related activities
  • Developing an online learning platform – the Badge Bonanaza – for primary schools, encouraging year 6 students to engage with enrichment activities and visit places of interest outside of school.


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