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Improving literacy

Priority years 1-3

In 2016, prior to the establishment of the Hastings Opportunity Area, literacy standards for Hastings’ children were significantly behind that of their peers nationally. More than half (54%) of disadvantaged pupils were leaving primary school with a reading level below the expected standard. Only 65% of Hastings’ secondary school pupils achieved a GCSE grade C in English, compared with 75% nationally. Fewer than half (48%) of disadvantaged pupils achieved a GCSE grade C or above in English.

We implemented a multi-strand literacy improvement programme which included early years settings, schools, and community and voluntary providers working with children and families across the town.

Early Years

87% of Hastings’ Early Years settings engaged with our programme of support for children’s speech and language development.

Literacy Fund

The literacy fund supported early years settings, schools and trusts across Hastings to implement evidence-based literacy programmes. 18 schools and a voluntary sector partnership were awarded funding.

Secondary School Literacy Programmes

Hastings’ three secondary schools used funding to implement a range of programmes for pupils struggling with literacy.

Get Hastings Reading Campaign

This town-wide campaign promoted literacy through events, free books and workshops.

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