Broadening horizons

Our aim

To inspire, motivate and equip young people for a successful adult life.

Why is this an issue?

  • Essential life skills such as confidence, motivation, resilience and communication are associated with better academic outcomes and better prospects in the workplace
  • Young people in Hastings including the Hastings Youth Council told us they want better careers advice and guidance, and more extra-curricular activities to develop wider ‘life’ skills
  • Far fewer pupils in Hastings attend universities that demand the best A levels or equivalent – only 8% of all pupils in Hastings progress to the top third universities, compared to 17% nationally
  • Disadvantaged pupils in Hastings are less likely to progress into sustained education, employment or training at age 19 compared to their peers nationally

We are:

  • Ensuring that all secondary school and college pupils have at least 4 meaningful experiences of work
  • Supporting schools and colleges to improve the quality of their careers education
  • Ensuring that all children and young people have access to high quality enrichment activities, by providing funding to schools and colleges to increase extra-curricular activities, and by funding additional activities across Hastings
  • Piloting a Hastings ‘Opportunity Day’ in November 2018 on a school and college inset day. This will be an innovative way for young people to learn about careers and futures and have new experiences
  • The National Citizen Service is committed to increasing its work in Hastings so that more young people can experience and benefit from this 4-week programme of personal development and volunteering

Our targets for 2021

  • All secondary and college aged pupils to have at least 4 meaningful experiences with employers over the life of the Opportunity Area programme
  • All school and college pupils participate in regular extra-curricular enrichment activity by January 2019, as measured through surveys
  • Young people to have positive attitudes towards extra-curricular enrichment activity, as measured through regular surveys