Sharing Learning

Now in its fifth year, Hastings Opportunity Area, along with the other 11 Opportunity Areas across the country, is sharing learning with other areas facing similar challenges, for example through our ‘twinning’ work with Portsmouth schools to improve children’s literacy.

The resources you will find on this page offer another way for us to further spread the knowledge we have gained from our programme, by sharing the lived experience of those working hard to make a difference in the opportunity areas. They offer insights into our place-based way of working. We hope that this will encourage practitioners from other areas to explore similar approaches and interventions to help young people in their school, college, or area.

Sharing Learning Report

We are delighted to be able to share with you our Hastings Opportunity Area Report, an Overview 2018-2021. The report tells the story of Hastings Opportunity Area over the past four years, and sets out plans for the fifth year of the programme.

Hastings Opportunity Area Programme Report


Please click on the icons below for helpful resources collated from the five years of the Hastings Opportunity Area Programme.

Improving mental health and resilience

Improving mental health and resilience

Broadening horizions

Broadening horizons

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