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A pilot programme has been co-developed to improve transition information sharing across phases. Sharing good practice and information about each phase of a child’s educational journey. The aim of the transition project is for HOA to support schools to improve the quality of transition in respect of pupils transitioning between primary and secondary schools so that pupils can succeed at key stage 3.

Year 6-7 transitions information sharing pilot project

The year 6-7 transitions information sharing pilot project will run over Summer 2022. The aim of the project is to improve the sharing of information between primary and secondary schools about individual pupils and to highlight those pupils where a more in-depth discussion between key staff in primary and secondary schools (SENCO, form tutor etc) may be helpful.

To support schools sharing information we have created a proforma excel spreadsheet (the Common Transfer Document). Secondary schools across East Sussex can share this form with their feeder primary schools who will then populate the spreadsheet with relevant information. The information they received from the primary schools will facilitate further conversations between primary and secondary schools where these would be helpful, as well as providing core information for secondary schools to be able to plan for the needs of pupils who will be joining their school.

The year 6-7 transitions information sharing pilot project package can be downloaded here and includes:

  • The Common Transfer Document– secondary schools pre-populate with new cohort information including name and UPN prior to sending to primary schools via password-protected email
  • Quick Reference Guidance – guidance notes to support the use of the Common Transfer Document for primary and secondary schools.
  • Model Information Sharing Agreement – we expect that primary and secondary schools have already got agreements in place; however, you may find this a useful document.
  • Model Data Protection Information Assessment (DPIA) Template – for primary and secondary schools to demonstrate that they have reviewed thoroughly data protection issues in respect of the project.
  • ESBAS Pupil Information Sharing Form – for completion by primary schools in respect of pupils with difficult or dangerous behaviours. Secondary schools can download this form and send it to primary schools along with the Common Transfer Document and guidance.
  • Model Letter Template – for secondary schools primary schools to introduce the transitions information sharing pilot project documentation.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the year 6-7 transitions information sharing pilot project, please contact Laura Beerling Mental Health and Transition Project Manager


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